Cancer tissue research is one of the fastest growing segments in the medical industry and as a result, researchers are finding it difficult to obtain good-sized, high-quality samples for a cost-effective price. Atlantic Biotech’s Oncology division has a vast network of sources for material giving you, the researcher, one of the best sources for your research. Tissue procurement and sales is an ongoing process that requires listening to the researchers; a detail many competitors lack. There are a number of reasons you should choose Atlantic Biotech for your next project.


We have the tissues. Often times, competitors talk about their “bank of tissues”, but more than often they act merely as brokers; getting the tissues after the request (if they can find them at all). This ensures that you will not have to wait months for your samples.


We QC ALL our samples. All tissue samples run through our vigorous quality control process that has been proven to leave only the highest quality tissues available on the market.


We don’t cut our tissues. Many competitors cut their samples 2,4 or more times to get more materials for their inventory. Ours are research quality tissues. We give you the sample as it was given to us, unless there was a need to re-embed the tissue (and we will inform you of that). Quality is the top priority for all our research quality samples.


We know pricing isn’t everything in research but it does help when you can get all or more of the samples you need for your research from one source without going over budget.


We back all our samples with a guarantee. If you are not satisfied that the samples meet your criteria, we will either ship you a new set of samples or return your money. It’s that simple. You shouldn’t be stuck with anything you don’t think will further your research.


Ethical Policy: Atlantic Biotech works with IRB, MOH and ethical committees in order to ensure that protocols for human biospecimen collection are in compliance with international and local regulatory guidelines. All our prospective studies have custom designed patient consent forms developed in collaboration with local clinical sites. All specimens procured by Atlantic Biotech are donated by consenting patients and are suitable for all forms of commercial biomedical research.


At any time, and upon request, we will provide our clients with at least THREE different patient consent forms from our participating sites as we know that too many companies talk about ethics without the ability to back it up.