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HELLO from Atlantic Biotech Laboratories … We are a toxicology laboratory and in the midst of adding the blood modality portion as we speak and also have oncology area (cancer tissues) …

I would love to get the opportunity to discuss our business with you further and also understand further what you do … to see if we have the ability of working together … (telephone or email is ok) OR set up a face-to-face meeting with you at your convenience to share with you a little bit about us !!! Can we make that happen? I love getting out and meeting new people anyway … who’s not up for meeting new people?

In brief, Atlantic Biotech is a local urine toxicology laboratory currently working with medical facilities, treatment centers, pain management centers, OB/GYN offices and physician practices.

Our proven technologies enable us to increase sensitivity for a wide range of demanding trace level quantitative applications utilizing (AU 400 analyzer) and (5) Agilent LC/MS/MS machines…with over 70+ analyte confirmations.

As a company, we pride ourselves on the HEMI principle (Honesty, Ethics, Morals & Integrity) and earn our reputation one specimen at a time.

We are not a massive lab where you become a #.  Each client is equally important to us.

With Atlantic Biotech, every client receives:

• 24 Hour Turnaround • Accurate Results – checked by two MTs before the certified scientist reviews and releases the results
• Customized Panels – customize your test panel based on your patient’s needs, not the labs
• Easy to find results – we can customize how you view your laboratory results: mail, fax, portal, auto upload them in many EMR’s
• No lost specimens – our Standard Operating Procedures require hand offs and sign offs whenever samples change hands
• Superior Customer Service – we pride ourselves on keeping you completely satisfied every time.

If your facility is processing drug screens on your clients and relying on the 12-panel cup (Positive/Negative), there are potentially so many other drug classes/analytes outside of the 12-Panel cup you are not capturing. The 12-Panel cup is likely just best for observation or maybe a base line idea of what the patient may or may not be taking. Therefore, if you are using the 12-Panel cup and would like us to try us to determine if we can improve upon the results that which you are currently receiving, I can help.

There is no cost to any facility and results will be available 24 hours after we receive them in our lab. As VP of Client Services/Sales, my role includes sharing insight relative to our information and the benefits of using Atlantic Biotech Laboratory.

Some of the benefits include:

• Lending to a higher level of the Patient’s Plan of Care
• Helping Physicians and HealthCare Providers lower their exposure to liability issues
• Helping Detox and Rehab facilities improve compliance with the prescribed “Plan of Care”
• Maintain all accounts to the high level of standard that we express to you I’m confident that we could provide your facility with timely, accurate, and dependable urine toxicology screening and confirmation services.

Would love the opportunity to meet with you. Feel free to give me a call/email me/reply via LinkedIn/ etc …

NOTE: We have a Lab in Knoxville, TN and our Houston, TX one will be ready in the weeks to come!!


VP of Client Services/Sales
Phone: (754) 222-5150 (x309)
E-mail: falestrad@atlanticbiotech.com

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