Fake Urine / Urine Substitutes.. a REAL problem!


If you are dealing with “fake urine” or “urine substitutes …We have the ability to offer a capsule (UR Marker Code) for our clients!

It relevant to the urine sample integrity. This proven method can aid medical professionals in making better treatment decisions while reducing medication error(s). The biggest benefits are: eliminating concerns with urine substitution issues (which has been proven via 2 studies of 750,000 samples and 1,000,000 samples) to be about 20% – 30% of UA samples submitted) … and also eliminating time spent with observed collections!

You see .. we test the urine sample for the UR Marker FIRST; (prior to testing for any therapeutic and/or illicit drugs) .. and if the UR PEG is NOT found in the specimen .. then we would REJECT the sample and NOT BILL the Insurance companies as it would be considered a FALSE specimen … potentially SAVING the Insurance companies thousands of dollars. Then we would let the facility know that a “substituted sample was in fact submitted and they would need to re-test client.”

We are the selected and “exclusive” Independent Lab via the Developer/Manufactured to run these.

Please give me a call at (754) 222-5932 or shoot me an email if you would like more information to falestrad@atlanticbiotech.com

Have a great day and I look forward to hearing from you!


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