Is COMPLIANCE Important to You??

How well do you know the lab you are working with? How COMPLIANT are they? Let me ask – If you had an illness, would you go to the most reputable facility/Dr. you could; to get the most efficient diagnosis OR would you go to a place where someone recommended just because they know them … and might just be receiving a benefit for that recommendation?

Unfortunately, I have seen this happen all to much in the lab industry!  What’s in it for me … says potential client/facility. Let me share a little about what’s in it for when you make the choice to work alongside us …. for starters; morals, ethics, honesty and integrity …. on top of that you get … a reliable laboratory who cares about delivering excellent, but more importantly, efficient results that suits your needs … Barring no mistakes on paperwork or samples submitted, results are done in 24 hrs from the time samples received in lab.

We offer web reporting portals to receive your lab results immediately, we are familiar & work with facilities that use Kipu,  we have an experienced and professional TEAM that you can TALK to LIVE throughout the day … no waiting. We take it so seriously that we have 5 “healthcare” attorneys on retainer in 5 states so we can constantly ensure we remain compliant in whatever state we are doing business.

It is for the protection of ALL involved .. Lives matter … ALL of them .. I invite you to do your homework and see if you are working with an upstanding lab that cares about your needs and their compliance regulations. Challenge my words … We’ll make you happy!

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