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Saving TWO Lives …

Atlantic Biotech’s Commitment to the Renaissance Recovery Program – We firmly believe that “Saving Two Lives” isn’t just a catch phrase to be thrown around but an all too true mantra that weighs the mother’s life and those without a voice in the balance.  Although charitable contributions that contribute to NICU facilities is an important component to helping Neonatal physicians provide care to newborns, Atlantic Biotech wants to help expecting women avoid NICU treatment by giving both lives the opportunity to thrive.


A Little About Why You Should Do Urine Testing and a Little Bit About Atlantic Biotech

Here at Atlantic Biotech, our staff is completely committed to providing physicians and health care professionals with specialized, accurate, and timely drug screening confirmation to aid in appropriate medication therapy. Our advanced test panels deliver results with some of the lowest analytical cutoff rates in the industry; allowing physicians to determine correct prescription medication dosage and frequency. Our patient centered approach creates optimal pharmaceutical results, while simultaneously monitoring for abuse.


What are the “key” factors you are seeking … when looking for & selecting a new lab to do your client drug testing?

We are in the industry to MAKE A DIFFERENCE. What we can offer … outstanding client service, ethics and morals in the industry (for those that care) and an extremely client friendly & patient conscious laboratory that WANT to make a difference. We are not here to “share in brown bag deals” or participate in the”what’s in it for me” deals … We know that lives are on the line each and every day .. with all the substance abuse running rampant in this country!