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Atlantic Biotech’s Commitment to the Renaissance Recovery Program – We firmly believe that “Saving Two Lives” isn’t just a catch phrase to be thrown around but an all too true mantra that weighs the mother’s life and those without a voice in the balance.  Although charitable contributions that contribute to NICU facilities is an important component to helping Neonatal physicians provide care to newborns, Atlantic Biotech wants to help expecting women avoid NICU treatment by giving both lives the opportunity to thrive.

We believe through ongoing support of The Renaissance Recovery Program that mother’s, and their babies, can receive absolute best care and treatment enabling mothers with the ability to take charge of their lives and their babies’ care as well. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if each state would find the passion to care for these women & their unborn children as well as the Renaissance Recovery Program?

It’s truly scary to see what happens to these little babies when a mother is unable to get treatment.  It’s equally as wonderful when you see mothers that took responsibility and took charge of their lives and their babies care.  The mother needs help.  Her current situation may have resulted from a myriad of poor choices but now it’s about the care for both mother and baby.  Finally, with the success the Renaissance Recovery offers, it keeps the mother out of jail, gives her the opportunities for success and most importantly, it saves the baby, who had no choice of his/her own, from a grueling battle of being born addicted in a NICU and fighting for his/her life.

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