UR Marker Code – Urine Sample Integrity At It’s Finest!


Let me introduce a new service from Atlantic Biotech that promises to be a game changer in urine drug testing. We refer to it as UR Marker Code. In brief, manipulated urine samples are one of the biggest issues in drug testing.

Even under supervision, sample manipulation and substitution are common. Observed collections are invasive, inefficient, expensive, and require extensive organization effort.

At Atlantic Biotech, we have the ability to offer a capsule (UR Marker Code) for your clients to transform specimen collection into an extremely positive process while protecting urine sample integrity. UR Marker Code is a soft gel capsule that acts as a marker to “barcode” a person’s urine. The ability to get a full-proof sample, non-adulterated, non-substituted specimen… is at our fingertips and could be yours, as well.

Some of the benefits UR Marker Code can offer you include:

— Elimination of false negative results

— Prevents urine substitution

— Eliminates observed collection

— Improves drug testing efficiency

— Prevents sample manipulation

— Easily administered by any trained individual

Atlantic Biotech is the exclusive lab partner to run UR Marker Code. It’s part of our blend of services and is available at NO charge. It’s our way to ensure the need for accurate results reporting is achieved.

If you have an interest and would like to speak with us further, please give me a call. This proven method can aid medical professionals in making better treatment decisions while reducing medication error(s). It’s easily administered and there are NO side effects as it is categorized as an “inactive ingredient by the FDA.”

We are confident you’ll find this a “benefit to your facility” and might even want to try it out!  Please give me a call at (754) 222-5932 or shoot me an email if you would like more information to falestrad@atlanticbiotech.com

Have a great day and I look forward to hearing from you!


VP of Client Services/Sales
Phone: (754) 222-5150 (x309)
E-mail: falestrad@atlanticbiotech.com

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