We Can Be Your “Reference Lab” … Always Good to Have a “Back-up” Plan in Place!

Not only are we a stand up lab always seeking new business (Drug Treatment facilities, OB/GYN facilities, General Practitioner facilities, Pain Clinic facilities, etc …) we can also be used as a “Reference Lab” for facilities that may have just an analyzer (positive/negative results only) and need confirmations.

For those who have both machines … analyzer and possibly (1) LC/MS/MS machine and incur mechanical / technical issues that put you out of commission for a day or two … we could be your Reference Lab (or back-up plan). We are here to help those … should the need arise. Think about it .. wouldn’t you want a back-up lab in place in the event your equipment experiences any technical difficulties so it does not hinder your business and you can continue on without any lose of time!

We seek any/all business … we are not a lab that is just out there seeking “large” accounts .. we are always looking for any/all accounts that need urine toxicology testing and/or blood tests. All accounts are valuable to us .. small/large and in between. We maintain our core values when it comes to honesty/ethics/morals/integrity!! Note: Our blood modality is about 6-8 weeks out ..

Feel free to reach out to me to discuss further. We run 71 analytes under confirmations. If you are serious about monitoring your client’s progress and potential drug use / medication monitoring .. and want a lab that CAN turn your results around in 24 hours … that lab is us!!! References upon request …


VP of Client Services/Sales
Phone: (754) 222-5150 (x309)
E-mail: falestrad@atlanticbiotech.com

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