What are the “key” factors you are seeking … when looking for & selecting a new lab to do your client drug testing?

We are in the industry to MAKE A DIFFERENCE. What we can offer … outstanding client service, ethics and morals in the industry (for those that care) and an extremely client friendly & patient conscious laboratory that WANT to make a difference. We are not here to “share in brown bag deals” or participate in the”what’s in it for me” deals … We know that lives are on the line each and every day .. with all the substance abuse running rampant in this country!

While we are just a lab (as many often state) … we want to STAND OUT from all the others … we have … morals, ethics, a “conscious” about doing it right/wrong, compliance above and beyond, 5 attorneys across the country guiding us on best practices and the do’s/don’ts, a TEAM that works like no other to ensure our clients are happy with the results they are receiving, understand their results when they get them and can call the lab anytime to inquire with the lab supervisor about any question(s) they may have regarding results .. there is always someone to physically talk to.

We educate our clients to the best of our ability … we are often surprised at what facilities/Dr’s/staff …really don’t know about drug testing .. beyond just the words “drug testing.” It’s almost like the “stigma” of it has caused many to stop thinking about it .. right after those words and fail to get further educated beyond it .. which is soooo very important!! We are happy to educate and find that many people (even if not our clients yet are like “wow .. I NEVER KNEW that)!!

With that being said, if you are seeking new lab services … I’d offer up the opportunity to “give us a chance” … there is NO contractual obligation for you to sign with us and utilize our service … our obligation is to YOU … to ensure YOUR needs are met. What I can PROMISE is … you WON’T be disappointed!

Note: we have now added “blood” to our list of modalities and are currently going through validations .. we should be up within a few short weeks. We also have the preparations in place for an oncology department as well … more info on that will be available very shortly!

We are also a Medicare/Medicaid licensed laboratory! With that being said, we are currently an “out-of-network” lab … but I can tell you that almost any lab that has opened up in the past 7 years is most likely “out-of-network” … I’d be very surprised if they tell you that they were. It’s very difficult to get in-network as that market is mostly designated to Lab Corp(s) and Quest(s) … who knows why … There is such a waiting list for facilities to get in-network, it’s next to impossible … but we are still working that possibility regardless.

We are a smaller lab with the intent and ability to grow .. we just want to do it at a pace that allows us to maintain ALL of our current and new relationships per our commitment to each one of them so that NO ONE becomes just a #!

Give us a try .. no contractual obligation … put us up against your current lab, see for yourself if there is any difference .. you might be surprised … you might just like the service we promise to provide .. and like some, you might just keep us on board!! 🙂 To our credit .. we’ve had (2) facilities leave us (for better opportunity ~ aka the thought of “green grass” on the other side) … one of those acccounts has since returned … the other, still making attempts to return to us!! …

Feel free to share this post!! ANY questions/comments welcome …


VP of Client Services/Sales
Phone: (754) 222-5150 (x309)
E-mail: falestrad@atlanticbiotech.com

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