Why Test?

Here at Atlantic Biotech, our staff is completely committed to providing physicians and health care professionals with specialized, accurate, and timely drug screening confirmation to aid in appropriate medication therapy. Our advanced test panels deliver results with some of the lowest analytical cutoff rates in the industry; allowing physicians to determine correct prescription medication dosage and frequency. Our patient centered approach creates optimal pharmaceutical results, while simultaneously monitoring for abuse.


According to the Department of Justice, the rampant abuse of prescription medication has evolved into the fastest growing drug problem in the United States. Mistreatment of controlled substance medication is frequently reported in a variety of patient populations ranging from adolescents to elderly. Our innovative test panels serve as an essential instrument in combating prescription drug abuse.


Formerly limited to pain management physicians, medication monitoring through drug screening is now an effective and viable diagnostic tool available to family practice physicians, obstetricians, addiction specialists, psychiatrists, and many other practices. As physicians who perform drug screenings daily, Atlantic Biotech provides efficient and competent drug screening, resulting in superior patient treatment outcomes.